A new home and a new career for Fielding


Fielding at Liberty

This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  

I will say that it’s been one wild ride with Fielding – who took me places I never expected to go, and accomplished things most American breeders only dream of.   Fielding’s magnetism, integrity and work ethic humbled me – and watching the partnership and bond form between him and Michael was an honor, and not something I’ll ever see again.  I am thankful I was able to recognize what a special pair they made in real time.  THank you Michael.

And thank you Fielding.  You are unforgettable.   You are the child of my heart.


Natalie tells the story best:

Press Release by Hilltop Farm issued 08/19/2009

The Elite Hanoverian stallion Fielding (Fred Astair – Lessing), bred by Autumn Hill Farm and Kate Palmquist, has already accomplished a lot in a short career.  In 2007, Fielding finished fifth at his 100-day test, earned the coveted Class 1 status with his 125 points overall, and achieved the highest finish for a North-American bred stallion.  In the fall of 2008 he moved to Hilltop Farm to stand as a Guest Stallion for the 2009 season.

Paired with Hilltop Farm trainer Michael Bragdell for this show season, Fielding has been a consistent winner at First Level.  In his first two outings, he qualified for both the BLM and USDF Region 1 Championships.  His scores have ranged from 66.842% to 75.000% and he is ready to move up to Second Level.  His reliability, consistency, and trainability have made him a favorite ride of Michael’s and catch the notice of other competitors, trainers, and judges.

Fielding’s first foals have arrived this season as well and have met our high expectations.  Field Trip (Fielding – Wolkenstein II), bred by Laura Speer, received excellent comments at his recent AHS inspection and VA Tech’s lovely Premium filly Fanfare VT (Fielding – Unmistaken xx) won her ISR/Oldenburg class and was third in the Fillies of 2009 class with a score of 77% at Dressage at Lexington in July.  We are looking forward to additional accomplishments as the inspection tours and show season continues.

A new chapter begins for Fielding this week.  At the end of August, Fielding will be moving to a new home and begin a new path on the ‘A’ hunter circuit.  His type, movement, and jumping style caught the eye of a nationally respected hunter trainer and he was a perfect fit for a client looking for a special, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ horse.   It was an unsolicited offer that his connections felt could not be turned down.  His new owner, Lindsay Rentz of Chadds Ford, PA has already formed a strong relationship with Fielding, and we wish them all success.   Lindsay will be gelding Fielding so that he will work seemlessly into his new life on her farm, and has plans to show him in Florida over the winter.

Autumn Hill Farm is retaining an inventory of frozen semen for Fielding’s breeders to honor any rebreeds in the 2010 season and will continue to offer for sale frozen semen on this exceptional stallion.  Hilltop Farm will work closely with all this year’s breeders and Autumn Hill Farm to honor all breeding contracts.  We will keep you updated on Fielding’s continued success in the show ring and look forward to the announcements and photos of your upcoming foals. 

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Natalie DiBerardinis (breeding@hilltopfarminc.com ) or Kate Palmquist (autumnhillfarm@msn.com).  Thank you for your belief and commitment to Fielding these past two breeding seasons!

Michael with Fielding August 2009 - Perfect Partners

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