Monthly Archives: June 2011

Unbelieveable Offer on Fielding Frozen Semen Doses

In a push to get more foals on the ground, and to clean out frozen inventory at the Hagyard Equine Medical storage location in Kentucky, I am offering full breeding doses of Fielding semen for $100 per breeding dose, plus shipping.  This is very fertile semen, resulting in six of seven first cycle pregnancies.

Fielding has a lifetime breeding license with the American Hanoverian Society and the Oldenburg NA/International Sporthorse Breeders.  Offspring are fully eligible for registration with these registries.  Because of Fielding’s Class I scores at his testing, he should be eligible for a breeding allowance from a large variety of other registries.  Interested breeders are welcome to contact me at 540.348.3495 or email me at

Breeding doses picked up or shipped from the Select Breeders storage location in Maryland are subject to the full price per dose of $250.

( 3/15/2012 – All the doses at Hagyard have been sold.  Full price doses ($250) are available from Select Breeders.  Only 15 doses from this stallion remain.)

Fielding finds fun at the Devon Horse Show Derby

For the first time since he was sold, I had the privilege of watching Fielding and owner Lindsay Rentz compete in the Hunters – at none other than the Devon Horse Show. 
Lindsay considered the class list and the competition the night before the $25,000 USHJA INternational Hunter Derby.  “At that point I was thinking… I just want to get around.”  Rentz entered Fielding in their second ever Derby against some of the best Derby horses (and seasoned riders) east of the Mississippi: Brunello, Praise, Sailor’s Valentine and last year’s winner Jersey Boy were all on the card.
“But we did more than just get around!…”  And so they did!  WIth a smooth, conservative ride, Lindsay and Fielding stood a thrilling 10th of 28 after the first round, and qualified for the Handy round of the competition.  “….I’m SO HAPPY we qualified!”  Derbys seem to suit both Fielding and Lindsay – ending up 11th overall after a solid Handy performance – even choosing a couple of high options this round.  Fielding clearly expressed a liking for this type of event, and Lindsay says his next Derby will be at Gettysberg on June 26th.
Stay tuned!  I plan on making another drive north to watch them “do the Derby” on June 26th.