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2014 Show Update on Fielding (plus a big win!)

It was a short but sweet 5 weeks of shows in Wellington for Fielding this spring.  That didn’t stop Lindsay and Fielding, making the most of

OF pic WEF6 2014 their time against the best hunters the US has to offer. This pair captured the tricolor in the A/O 18-35 at WEF 7, and was named reserve in week 11.




St Christopher Derby win May 2014 Hoof PrintIn May, this pair won the St. Christopher’s 5k National derby.


But the big news came in July, when Fielding partnered with Lindsay’s trainer and friend, Kim Zindle-Buzby for the Brandywine Summer Series I $15K International Hunter Derby.  This pair just clicked, and turned in two outstanding rounds, to take home the blue.  Congrats to Kim, Fielding, Lindsay and all of Fielding’s connections!


Brandywine Derby Tricolor











Francheska AH named Sallie B Wheeler East Coast 2yo Filly Champion

Photo courtesy of Worth A Shot Farm

Photo courtesy of Worth A Shot Farm

Francheska AH contested her first hunter breeding show at the USEF Heritage Competition venue of the Warrenton Horse on Saturday, August 31st.   Francheska was wonderfully presented by Junior Johnson and beautifully prepared by Laurie Pitts and placed first in the Hunter Breeding two year old filly class in the morning.  Late that afternoon, Jessie then went on to contest  the 2013 Sallie B. Wheeler / US National Hunter Breeding Championships and was awarded the East Coast Champion Two Year Old Filly.  Quite the accomplishment for her first Hunter Breeding Show!  This performance also gained her the Top Placed Hanoverian Award presented by Cathy Slaterbeck, Chair of the AHS Awards Committee.

Francheska Stand 2 Small

It’s rare to see a young sporthorse win in hand in both the Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Classes and in Hunter Breeding Classes.  This final foal for Autumn Hill Farm has a bright and versatile future!  That this exceptional filly was sired by our homebred stallion, Fielding, makes this latest accomplishment so very sweet.

Blue is a favorite color for Francheska AH at Dressage at Devon 2012

On Monday, September 24, Autumn Hill Farm made the long trek from SW Virginia up to Devon, PA for the breeding classes at the world-renowned Dressage at Devon horse show.  This was Francheska  AH’s second-ever show, and I have to say it’s becoming clear that “showing off” is something she enjoys.  She reveled in this very busy, bustling atmosphere.  Throughout the three days of this show, she was brilliantly presented by professional handler Quinnten Alston.  These two exhibit a connection rarely seen, and was a thrilling thing to watch. Francheska (“ Jessie”) made it very clear that if Quinnten wanted her to balance on her left ear for the judge, then that is what she would do for him.  (Fortunately, that was not required.) Region1CHamps2

That partnership paid off in a big way.  Jessie and Quinnten WON the Yearling Fillies class on Tuesday morning – an outcome I never thought I’d experience.  That evening she showed under the lights in the Dixon Oval in the Region 1 Filly Championship – against two and three year old fillies of all breeds.  Jessie was a little tense and quick in this class.  So when we returned to the barn, I cut down her braids, fed her dinner, and tucked her in for the night.  As I gathered up belongings to return to the hotel, Jessie sank down into the shavings – it had been a long and exciting day, and I was happy to see her get some well-deserved rest.  It never even entered my mind to check the scores. 

I trotted up to the ring to say goodnight to a friend, and it was there that I discovered that Jessie was standing 4th in the class.  I was flabbergasted.  I was also freaked out, because it dawned on me that she was expected back in the ring  for the awards presentation… in ten minutes.  I stood there like a deer in headlights.  My wise and wonderful friend Natalie DiBerardinis, General Manager of Hilltop Farm, grabbed my disbelieving self and we hi-tailed it back to Jessie’s stall.  After getting the bewildered filly to her feet, we double-teamed the grooming to get her presentable.  Brushes, combs, baby oil,  and hoof polish went flying all over the stall, but there was no time to do anything with her mane and forelock – that now appeared as a kinky mess after being braided all day.  We arrived back at the Dixon as the ring stewards were lining everyone up to enter the arena.  We all filed in, seven braided fillies and one unbraided. That is one white ribbon I will always treasure.

Wednesday we had no classes on the schedule, and I looked forward to a easy, unstressful day visiting with friends, and actually watching some of the show.  The FEI horses were now arriving for the performance classes, and the road in front of Jessie’s barn was a constant stream of trailers.  Breed show horses now shared all the public spaces with schooling dressage horses – resulting in controlled pandemonium.  Don and I were enjoying a lovely, relaxing lunch in the Beer Garden with friends Pat Limage, Paul Cohen, Quinnten, Mo Swanson of Rolling Stone Farm, and her trainer Cara Klothe.  Someone passing by stopped to say hello, and congratulated me on the “Born in the USA” award.  “Ummmm…” I said “What ‘Born in the USA’ award?”  The one that’s being presented at 4pm today in the Dixon, was the reply.  Oh dear.

Cell phones do come in handy, as does having your braider’s cell number in your contacts.  I connected with braider extraordinaire, Amanda Smith, and she kindly said she would shoehorn another braid job on the filly into her schedule that afternoon, and she would be braided by 4pm.  Thank you Amanda!.  Francheska’s day off turned into another session of grooming, scrubbing and braiding.  But it was a thrill to have her in the ring again to collect the BITS Yearling Filly award.SmallTrot3

I had, at this point, just about all the excitement I could stand, and getting back to our quiet Virginia farm sooner rather than later was looking very enticing.  Wednesday night I took the chance on leaving her braids in, and decided that if she rubbed them out overnight I would scratch her last class on Thursday and beat the rush and the traffic to start the journey home.  Jessie’s last class was on Thursday morning, the Hanoverian Two-and-under.  This class is open to all registered Hanoverian colts, fillies and geldings, yearlings and two-year-olds.  I’d had two days to watch the competition, and my expectations for success were very low.

When we arrived at the barn to feed breakfast on Thursday morning, I fully admit to be disappointed that Jessie’s braid job was perfectly intact.  Oh crap.  I guess I have to show in the last class after all.  Jessie and Quinnten entered the ring as one of the first to go in the class – and really turned it on.  This pair achieved the highest score of any class the filly entered in 2012, but there were 20 horses in the class, most a whole year older than my July-born youngster.  I camped out by the scrolling leader board for a long wait.  Young Hanoverians came and went, and the scores were slowly posted.  Half the class over, and she was still standing in first place.  Now 15 horses have gone, and Jessie’s entry number was still on top.  I was in total disbelief.  There were some NICE horses in this class!  After what seemed like hours, the last horse was shown in the class, and the last score posted.  Jessie had won!  I was beaming when we stood up for the photographer (and anyone that knows me is aware I HATE having my picture taken)to collect our blue ribbon, and the gorgeous embroidered cooler that was given to the winner of this class by the American Hanoverian Society.  The win photo taken was a great one – and was picked up for the daily press release by the horse show, and also by the international website, Eurodressage.  What a thrill!


Francheska AH is the final foal for Autumn Hill Farm, and she is truly the culmination of my entire program.  She is particularly precious to me as she is sired by my own homebred Hanoverian stallion; the Class I, fully approved, Fielding.  I don’t know if we can ever top those amazing three days just outside of Philadelphia, I don’t know if I want to even try.  I do know that I will look at the experience as one of the best times of my life, surrounded by so many of the people I care about most in life.

Francheska AH – Reserve Breed Show Champion at DAL

Fielding’s yearling daughter “Francheska AH” went to her very first horse show on July 13th 2012.  And this particular Friday the 13th was a very LUCKY day!2012DALb

Beautifully handled and exhibited by Quinnten Alston, this lovely youngster was top yearling filly, Reserve Champion Filly, and Reserve Champion Young Horse. By her 4th trip to the ring, we had one tired filly on our hands.  But Quinnten asked her to show off just once more, and “Jessie” dug in and delivered…. against breed show horses of all ages, she was named Reserve Champion.

It was just an unbelievable2012DALa day – and I was in tears much more than once.

Fielding wins the Swan Lake 15K Hunter Derby!

The weather could not have been better the weekend of June 23, in Littleton, PA, and Fielding with amateur-owner Lindsay Mutschler in the irons had a great couple of days.  After winning the U/S and one of the O/F classes in the 3’6″ A/O under 35 division, this pair capped a very rewarding show by winning the 15K Hunter Derby on Sunday!

There is one more Derby in their future before this pair heads to Indianapolis in August for the Traders Point Hunt Charity Horse show August 11, and then the quick drive from Indiana down to the Kentucky Horse Park and the USHJA Hunter Derby Finals  August 17 & 18 !

Sale on frozen doses at Hagyard has concluded.

All the doses of frozen that were on sale at Hagyard have been sold!  Looking forward to more Fielding foals in 2013.  Full price doses ($250 per dose) are still available from Select Breeders.  There are only 15 doses left for this lovely former stallion.

SPS Malena has a Fielding filly!

Born at the civilized hour on 11pm on July 13th,
mother and daughter are doing well.
Malena did a great job with this foal – “Francheska” is well-made and undeniably
feminine.  I could not be happier!

(Francheska’s page now has video!)

Unbelieveable Offer on Fielding Frozen Semen Doses

In a push to get more foals on the ground, and to clean out frozen inventory at the Hagyard Equine Medical storage location in Kentucky, I am offering full breeding doses of Fielding semen for $100 per breeding dose, plus shipping.  This is very fertile semen, resulting in six of seven first cycle pregnancies.

Fielding has a lifetime breeding license with the American Hanoverian Society and the Oldenburg NA/International Sporthorse Breeders.  Offspring are fully eligible for registration with these registries.  Because of Fielding’s Class I scores at his testing, he should be eligible for a breeding allowance from a large variety of other registries.  Interested breeders are welcome to contact me at 540.348.3495 or email me at

Breeding doses picked up or shipped from the Select Breeders storage location in Maryland are subject to the full price per dose of $250.

( 3/15/2012 – All the doses at Hagyard have been sold.  Full price doses ($250) are available from Select Breeders.  Only 15 doses from this stallion remain.)

Fielding finds fun at the Devon Horse Show Derby

For the first time since he was sold, I had the privilege of watching Fielding and owner Lindsay Rentz compete in the Hunters – at none other than the Devon Horse Show. 
Lindsay considered the class list and the competition the night before the $25,000 USHJA INternational Hunter Derby.  “At that point I was thinking… I just want to get around.”  Rentz entered Fielding in their second ever Derby against some of the best Derby horses (and seasoned riders) east of the Mississippi: Brunello, Praise, Sailor’s Valentine and last year’s winner Jersey Boy were all on the card.
“But we did more than just get around!…”  And so they did!  WIth a smooth, conservative ride, Lindsay and Fielding stood a thrilling 10th of 28 after the first round, and qualified for the Handy round of the competition.  “….I’m SO HAPPY we qualified!”  Derbys seem to suit both Fielding and Lindsay – ending up 11th overall after a solid Handy performance – even choosing a couple of high options this round.  Fielding clearly expressed a liking for this type of event, and Lindsay says his next Derby will be at Gettysberg on June 26th.
Stay tuned!  I plan on making another drive north to watch them “do the Derby” on June 26th.  


Great news from Va. Tech!

Dr. Rebecca Splan, Assoc. Professor of  Virginia Tech’s Equine Studies Program in Middleburg, VA


Hi Kate,

 Just wanted to let you know our TB mare Obey (AHSA National Champion Hunter Breeding ’00) has been confirmed in foal to Fielding! We are thrilled!

 Also we are re-breeding the TB mare Unmistaken Habit to Fielding again this year, in hopes of creating another Fanfare.

AHF is very excited at the prospect of two foals in 2012 out of this program’s very, very fine group of broodmares.  Of course, my first question to Dr. Splan was… “Did Obey conceive on the first cycle?” and the answer was yes!

It will be particularly gratifying to have a full sibling to Fanfare VT on the ground next year as Fanfare starts her career under saddle for owners Alex and Barb Schenck in Florida.