Fielding finds fun at the Devon Horse Show Derby

For the first time since he was sold, I had the privilege of watching Fielding and owner Lindsay Rentz compete in the Hunters – at none other than the Devon Horse Show. 
Lindsay considered the class list and the competition the night before the $25,000 USHJA INternational Hunter Derby.  “At that point I was thinking… I just want to get around.”  Rentz entered Fielding in their second ever Derby against some of the best Derby horses (and seasoned riders) east of the Mississippi: Brunello, Praise, Sailor’s Valentine and last year’s winner Jersey Boy were all on the card.
“But we did more than just get around!…”  And so they did!  WIth a smooth, conservative ride, Lindsay and Fielding stood a thrilling 10th of 28 after the first round, and qualified for the Handy round of the competition.  “….I’m SO HAPPY we qualified!”  Derbys seem to suit both Fielding and Lindsay – ending up 11th overall after a solid Handy performance – even choosing a couple of high options this round.  Fielding clearly expressed a liking for this type of event, and Lindsay says his next Derby will be at Gettysberg on June 26th.
Stay tuned!  I plan on making another drive north to watch them “do the Derby” on June 26th.  


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